Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can you rent a car and take it out of state?

    Most major rental car companies will let you take their cars across state lines, but not out of the country. You may have to pay an extra fee if it is a one-way trip, but if you're gonna return it to the same location that you picked it up from, it shouldn't be a problem. Avis allows out of state travel.
  • How is leasing different from a conventional purchase?

    Leasing is really just a long-term rental contract with an option to purchase at the end. There is no ownership or equity in a leased vehicle unless you purchase the vehicle at a big discount. Since you don't own the leased vehicle, you have to return it (or buy it) at the end of the lease. With a conventional purchase, you own the vehicle and you
  • How much does it cost to rent a car for a day?

    Rental must begin on or after August 19, 2016 and end on or before May 22, 2017. Offer rate of $9.99 per day applies to an Economy or Compact car rented on Friday and ending the following Monday, and includes 100 miles per day. For certain locations, rates of less than $9.99 per day may be available.