Deliciously healthy after school snack ideas for kids

Deliciously healthy after school snack ideas for kids

Snack time for kids automatically translates to fun food time. But as a parent, you should make sure the fun element should be always backed by solid nutrition. This is especially important in terms of after school snacks as you want to keep them energetic until dinner is served.

Here are some lip-smacking and healthy snack ideas for kids, that you can easily incorporate in their daily after school meal time so that they remain strong as well as happy.

Vegetable mini muffins
A batch of freshly baked muffins, but with a savory twist is something your kids will surely be curious about. You can incorporate veggies like broccoli, capsicum, zucchini, corn kernels, carrots, spinach, etc. along with two eggs, all-purpose flour, salt pepper and herbs in your muffin batter. Don’t forget to add some cheese as well. Then scoop the prepared batter into a buttered muffin pan and bake them for around twenty minutes.

Oatmeal cookies
Oatmeal cookies are healthy and quick. And you can include several other ingredients in the cookie batter to make it more fun. You can add different kinds of vegetables, fruits, nuts and dry fruits to give it a distinctive taste. Also, make sure that you use a natural sweetener like honey instead of sugar. Usually, these cookies can be easily made under forty minutes.

Peanut butter and jam sandwich
The classic peanut butter and jam sandwich are a quick and delectable after school snack fix. To make it a healthier option for kids you can make a few changes in your ingredients. For example, bake a whole grain bread, if you don’t have enough time, buy it from a local artisan bakery. Use organic peanut butter and jam products that have low sugar content. You could also make your own jam if you like. Add some fresh fruits like bananas or raspberries in the peanut butter sandwich if you don’t have a jam.

Sugar-free granola
The nutty and crunchy and the wonderfully saccharine sugar-free granola is a recipe that your kids will love no matter what. Either use wholesome oats or crumbly coconut flakes. You can whip this recipe together with the kids, with their choice of fruits, nuts, and seeds. Combine all these ingredients in a bowl with coconut oil or butter. The flavor of the snack can be enhanced by adding fruit juices or syrups.

Macaroni and cheese
Rather than the monotonous mac and cheese from the box, you can whip this super easy recipe at home. You can give it a different angle to your mac and cheese by adding broccoli florets, cauliflower, carrots, spinach, or butternut squash. You can even bake these as mini muffins.