Home remedies to clean a dirty or stained rug

Home remedies to clean a dirty or stained rug

Nobody likes those dirty spots on their expensive rugs. People invest a lot of time and effort in buying proper color coordinated rugs for their home or office space, and a stain is definitely a No! No!

So if your carpets are looking a little dirty and you’re unable to afford a commercial carpet cleaning service, try these home remedies which are easy and cheap and can make the stain vanish giving your carpet a fresh new look. Remember that there is always a home remedy available before you hit the expensive option.

Baking Soda and Vinegar
Adding some baking soda to vinegar can help remove those tough rug stains fast and easy. Soak the stain with vinegar, and then sprinkle a little baking soda over it (Remember not to sprinkle baking soda first and then pour vinegar on it. It will only damage your rug). Wait for a few seconds once baking soda starts bubbling, and then wipe the rug.

To clean your rug with ammonia, make a solution by mixing a 1/4th cup of ammonia and a cup of warm water. Put this solution into a spray bottle. Spray your carpet with the solution and blot the stained areas. Repeat if necessary.

White Vinegar
Just like above, mix a 1/4th cup of white vinegar and a cup of warm water to make a solution. Sprinkle or pour the solution over the stained areas. Wipe clean and vacuum. White wine can act as a substitute in place of white vinegar.

Steam Cleaning with Vinegar
Vinegar is a magic liquid when it comes to home remedies. Mix equal parts of water and vinegar and add it to your steam cleaner. To avoid pungent odor you can add a few drops of your preferred essential oil to it. If the stain is tough, increase the concentration of vinegar.

Liquid utensil cleaner
The detergent you use for washing dirty plates can also serve as a great cleaning agent to clean your rugs and carpets. It is a really cheap and convenient product to use for removing stains and restoring your dirty carpets to their former state. Mix 1/4th cup of dish cleaner to a cup of warm water. You can either spray it on the spots or soak a white cloth in the liquid and wipe the stained areas.