Interior decoration ideas for nature inspired living

Interior decoration ideas for nature inspired living

“The proper use of science is not to conquer nature, but to live in it” In this hustle-bustle lifestyle where almost everything has been upgraded to a smarter version, there is a keen need to slow down, calm your nerves and live in accordance with nature. To help with this, we are proposing some ideas to help you make nature inspired living.

Use flower power
Replace boring geometric designs with flower printed or embroidered ones. A fabric featuring birds, branches, flowers is a great way to wake up to a beautiful indoor. Flower or leaves printed curtains of green, white or natural shades of blue make a good option. Use contrasting shades to give a lively feel.

Vertical gardens
To create a vertical indoor garden you need hanging pockets to plant small plants. You have the option to include several different types of plants. A vertical garden need not cover the wall completely; wooden trellis can be used to hang small plant containers. Stack up crates vertically to create a pyramid. Hold the crates with planks to give your structure stability.

Use pipes for hanging planters with colorful pots. You may find pots in a variety of shapes and sizes – Polka dotted pots, rectangular, triangle or oval shaped. Choose from the wide range of hanging glass terrarium planters to add more green to your living space.

Using sea glass for window pane
Use natural frosted sea glass for window panes. This window will block views but let in light, can be used in bathrooms or for creating a room partition.
Show your seeds and pulses

Instead of using metal, plastic or ceramic containers use glass jars to display different colored beans, pulses and various spices on your kitchen shelves. It will not only enhance the look but will also make it easier to spot various cooking ingredients.

Collect feathers/dry grass in a cup
The simple things are often the most beautiful. You can collect feathers/dry grass you find on walks in an earthenware pot and place it on the shelf next to your kitchenware to bring in a touch of the wild. Bottles and jars filled with pebbles and kept on dining tables can serve as candle holders and are an add-on to the look.

Create open shelves
Bookcases and drawers help create the look of a built-in home office area and offer plenty of storage. Materials from nature like raw wood, cork, wicker, hemp, potted grass; add great texture to open shelves. Use old and rescued materials for additional storage space.