Things to bear in mind while selecting rugs

Things to bear in mind while selecting rugs

There are different types of rugs available in the market. If you want to add an ideal finishing touch your home, you need to purchase antique rugs. Rugs can also be used to cover up a dirty carpet and they also safeguard your feet from cold floors. Rugs can be described as versatile items that perform a wide range of tasks. What are the most important things to consider while purchasing a rug?

Be clear about your purpose
If you want the rug to fulfill a practical purpose like covering your entrance hall to prevent mud from trailing in; you need to select cheap rugs that can be washable. Wear and tear related problems do not show up easily as far as cheap sturdy rugs go and they are excellent options for busy areas of your home. Designer rugs, on the other hand, are known to up the style quotient of your living space.

Decide on the shape and style carefully
You have to consider the ‘wow’ factor if you want the rug to be the focal point of a particular room. A distinctive pattern can be described as a conversation starter. Leather rugs are known to give your house a spunk yet it can retain the elegance you desire for it. Also, you have to consider the shape of the rug in a careful manner. A circular one is a better option than a conventional rectangle rug.

Measure the room
You must take the measurements of the room before purchasing a rug. Even when you find that a rug goes well with the measurements of your room, you have to decide whether you would like the furniture to stand on it or not. If you want to leave certain parts of your floor exposed, figuring out the positioning of the rug becomes important. When there are a lot of areas to cover, you can consider buying two rugs instead of opting for a large one.

Consider the decor
You must select patterns that go well with the dcor of your room. Some luxury rugs may look stunning in the shop, but they may not look that great in your home. It is good to consider the usual color rules. For a cozy appearance, darker rugs are the best options and lighter shades can be used to create feelings of space. For a feminine room, you can select a summery shade and colors such as grey, black and brown are masculine.

Think about the material and texture
You must give utmost importance to texture and material. Rugs are made using different types of materials. It ranges from soft sheepskins to hard leather rugs and some of them are hardwearing compared to others and the durability also varies depending on the materials. Wool rugs can be described as natural air regulators and excellent durability can be associated with leather rugs.

The budget, purpose, and dcor of the room are important factors and you must consider all these points while selecting a perfect rug for your home.

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